Soup of the Day 

 Herbed Fried Calamari Basket
with Parsley Bits and Tartare Sauce...

Halloumi Cheese on Grilled Vegetables

New Mozzarella Bruschettà (360 kcal 7 gr fat)
I Light Bruschettà with Mozarella...

Hot Starter Plate
Mozzaralla Sticks, Breaded Jalapeno, Breaded Onion, Breaded Potato with French Sauce...  

Cold Dishes with Olive Oil of the Day

Mongolian Fried Chicken 

Steamed Chicken Breast
I With Boiled Vegetables...

Fried Homemade Turkish Ravioli
I Hot Sauce and Yoghurt with Dry Mint...

Insalata Caprese
"Mozzarella", Tomatoes and Basil, Seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil