Turkish Breakfast
Feta Cheese, Kaşar Cheese, Unsalted Cheese, String Cheese, Goat Cheese, Black and Green Olives,
Honey, Butter, Blackberry and Strawberry Jam, Sausage, Salami, Palm Size Buns with Cheese Pilling, Pried Eggs,Tomato, Cucumber, Orange Juice with Unlimited Tea or Nescafe...

Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes and Green Pepper

Create Your Own Omelette  (You May Choose 4 ingredients at Most )
Spicy Beef Sausage, Salami, Sausage, Chicken Ham, Calf Ham, Smooked Tongue, Kaşar Cheese,Feta Cheese, Mozzarella, Parsley, Dill, Spring Onion, Potato, Thyme, Sweet Green Pepper, Tomato, Mushroom...

Extra Ingredients 

Pizza Omelette
Mushroom, Green Pepper, Calf Ham, Sausage, Spicy Beef Sausage, Black and Green Olive, Kaşar Cheese

Omelette with Cheese Assortments and Fresh Herbs
Cheddar Cheese, Kaşar Cheese, Parsley, Spring Onion and Dill

Fried Eggs Sade/Plain
with Feta Cheese Sucuklu / with Spicy Beef Sausage

Muesli with Fruits
Cereals Served with Fresh Fruit Salad, Milk and Honey

 Veggie Omelette
Patato, Zucchini, Carrot, Mushroom, Tomato, Pepper, Parsley